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Charley's Aunt

by Brandon Thomas
11-14 February 2004

Curtain Call Awards 2004 - Best Actor in a Comedy - Tony Feltham - Lord Fancourt

Colonel Sir Francis Chesney
Dave Williams
Stephen Spettigue
Jeremy Austin
Jack Chesney
Paul Hewitt
Charles Wykeham
Richard Neal
Lord Fancourt Babberley
Tony Feltham
Chris Brown
Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez
Jan Singfield
Kitty Verdun
Clare Downs

Amy Spettigue
Helen Martland
Ela Delahay
Vicki Ballard

Stuart Glossop
Set Design
Jackson & Mark Ellen

BRANDON Thomas may have had his only real success with this farce, but what a success it was, and the years have done nothing to diminish its appeal.

Written and set in the late nineteenth century, although here updated to the 1920s, it is a delightful romp from start to finish - and director Stuart Glossop's highly original production hits its target with glorious abandon.

There are numerous innovative touches, from a plot-setting party scene prologue and narrator-style comments from an unusually verbose Brassett (an excellent Chris Brown) to the superb three-way set and entertaining scene changes complete with dancing girls.

Paul Hewitt and Richard Neal are believable, if a tad mature, as Oxford undergraduates Jack Chesney and Charles Wykeham, trying to arrange a luncheon for their lady friends Kitty (Clare Downs) and Amy (Helen Martland), while Vicky Ballard is a sweet, if slightly too fast-talking, Miss Delahay.

Dave Williams (Sir Francis Chesney), Jeremy Austin (Stephen Spettigue) and Jan Singfield (Donna Lucia) give impressive, marvellously detailed characterisations, but it is Tony Feltham as Lord Fancourt Babberley, pressed into cross-dressing service to prevent a social blunder, who brings the house down with a brilliantly timed, wonderfully expressive portrayal that is a pleasure to witness.

Linda Kirkman, Daily Echo

Kitty (Clare Downs) & Amy (Helen Martland)
Donna Lucia (Jan Singfield)

The Dancing Girls (Carolyn Hewitt, Boo Feltham & Jackson Ellen)
Jack (Paul Hewitt) and Charley (Richard Neal)
Spettigue (Jeremy Austin) and Fancourt (Tony Feltham)
Sir Francis (Dave Williams)
Ela (Vicki Ballard), Donna Lucia (Jan Singfield) & Brassett (Chris Brown)
"My hat!"
Kitty (Clare Downs) , Fancourt (Tony Feltham) & Amy (Helen Martland)



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