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The Lion in Winter

by James Goldman
12-15 February 2003

Henry II
Mark Ellen
Boo Feltham
Joe Bell
Tom Williams
Tony Feltham
Margaret Pope
Fred Tyson-Brown

Barry Baynton
Company Stage Manager
Jackson Kingham
Amanda Brown
Lighting & Sound
Russell Parker & Don Sherry / Tivoli Theatre
Carolyn Hewitt &
Caroline Uwins
Theatre Stage Manager
Ashley Thorne


Historical characters brought to life in royal drama
The Lion in Winter - Wimborne Drama, Tivoli Theatre

IT was a pity that more people did not make the effort to attend this production, which brought Henry ll's reign to life in an effective and surprisingly humorous way.

Barry Baynton's direction skilfully conveyed the dual aspects of petty family jealousies and the more serious fight for supremacy, and his cast rose well to the challenge.

Mark Ellen's strong-willed, devious Henry proved a perfect foil for Margaret Pope's equally manipulative Eleanor, with her excellent timing emphasising her character's frequent bons mots to perfection.

The diverse personalities of sons Richard, Geoffrey and John were strongly portrayed in the fine performances of Tony Feltham, Tom Williams and Joe Bell.
Linda Kirkman, Daily Echo


Eleanor (Margaret Pope) & Henry (Mark Ellen)
Alais (Boo Feltham) & Geoffrey (Tom Williams)
Henry (Mark Ellen), Philip (Fred Tyson-Brown) & John (Joe Bell)
Richard (Tony Feltham) & Eleanor (Margaret Pope)

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