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The Roses of Eyam

by Don Taylor
19-22 May 1999

Best Drama
Best Director (Geoff Whipp)
1999 Daily Echo Curtain Call Awards

William Mompesson Richard Neal
Catherine Mompesson Jean Dishington
Sir George Saville Howard Lovejoy
The Bedlam Amanda Brown
Thomas Stanley Jeremy Austin
Rowland Torre Martin Matthews
Emmott Sydall Rebecca Gunnell
Colonel Bradshaw Brian Scotford
Mrs Bradshaw Dawn Hollington
George Viccars
David Pile
A Carter Mike Hutchings
Marshall Howe Joe Brooks
Old Unwin Simon Jackson
Andrew Merril Dave Williams

with Hannah Welton, James Love, Carolyn Hewitt, Paul Hewitt, Frances Richards, Tiffany Kenyon, Nick Beard, Emily Cummings, Alf Woodall,
Chrissie Neal, Raymond Sargent, Christian Napier, Dave Coleman, Chris Brown, Emily Healy, Colette Ross, Jan Stevenson, Chris Mason, Ian May, Jennifer Sherwood, Alisha Sherwood, Lucy Gration, Clive Short, Gary Williams, Eileen Dunnachie, John Williams, Daphne Young, John Whelan, Paul Dodman, Ann Pond, Derek Westlake, Jac Westlake, Christopher Barton, Margaret Pope, Penny Scotford, Ian Ferguson, Kate Mounce, Margaret Coleman, Rebecca Love, Fred Brown, Eddie Colton, Saliann Colton, Paul Wilshaw, Heather Shew, Peter Coley, Enid Davies, Clare Downs & The Bourne River Morris Men

"An outstanding production that brought the 17th century to life. The performances were sincere and well played - a virtually faultless production of which all involved should be justly proud" (Daily Echo)

Director Geoff Whipp

Designer Amanda Brown

Lighting Director Antony White

Sound Andy Day

Music Raymond Sargent

Costumes Anne Whiteside, Enid Davies, Ann Pond, Carolyn Hewitt, Daphne Young, Margaret Pope & Chris Brown

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