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Ten Times Table

by Alan Ayckbourn
16-19 May 2001

Ray Mark Ellen
Donald David Pile
Helen Jan Stevenson
Sophie Carolyn Hewitt
Eric Peter Brown
Audrey Margaret Pope
Lawrence Dave Williams
Tim Paul Dodman
Philippa Lucy Harrold
Max Kirkov Christian Napier
Boy Fred Tyson-Brown
Director & Designer Barry Baynton

Tim (Paul Dodman), Ray (Mark Ellen) & Eric (Peter Brown)

Eric (Peter Brown)

"ALAN Ayckbourn's Ten Times Table is an hilariously funny insight into the internal wrangling of life on a committee. John Cockle, William Brunt and The Massacre of the Pendon Twelve are colourful figments of the playwright's imagination that inspire the characters in the play to organise a pageant.

The self appointed chairman of the committee, Ray, was superbly portrayed by Mark Ellen, who battled against a colourful array of members.

Ray (Mark Ellen) & Audrey (Margaret Pope)

Philippa (Lucy Harrold) & Donald (David Pile)

For instance there was Helen, played by Jan Stevenson, who became moody if her husband disagreed with her, and smug if things went her way. Then there was the lovelorn alcoholic Lawrence, Dave Williams, who, perversely, due to a marital dispute, wanted to job-share his committee position with his estranged wife. Peter Brown put in a strong performance as Eric, the Marxist teacher who was determined that the massacre of John Cockle and the Pendon Twelve was not in vain. The other players, David Pile, Carolyn Hewitt, Margaret Pope, Paul Dodman, Lucy Harrold, Christian Napier and Fred Tyson-Brown, made up an excellent balance of the inept and the easily led, as the two factions of the Militia and the Proletariat at loggerheads." (RH, Wimborne Magazine)

The Cast of Ten Times Table

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