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A Voyage Round My Father

by John Mortimer
3-6 September 1997

Father Joe Brooks
Son Paul Dodman
Val Mantle
Elizabeth Ann Pond
Son, as a boy / Daniel Wayne Dewey
Ringer Lean / Thong / Film Director / Mr Morrow
Simon Jackson
Headmaster / George / Cameraman
Barry Baynton
Ham / 1st Judge / 2nd Judge / Sparks / Doctor
Jeremy Austin
Japhet / Boustead / Soundman
Tony Willmett
Matron / Miss Cox / Doris / Social Worker
Carolyn Hewitt
Mrs Reigate / Miss Baker / 1st ATS / Witness
Jan Stevenson
2nd ATS
Chrissie Wathen
Reigate / Jonathan
Alex Dunnachie
Iris / Jennifer
Lucy Rossiter
Reigate's Sister / Emily
Laura Hayes
Director Richard Neal
Stage Manager
Chrissie Wathen
Nick Watkins
Enid Davies, Margaret Pope, Penny Scotford & Sheila Smith

"Joe Brooks puts in a fine performance as the father.

Paul Dodman did well as the long-suffering son, in awe yet exasperated by the man who has had such a profound effect on his life. His narration took us from childhood to manhood, through his father's blindness to his death.

Val Mantle was the stoic mother and Ann Pond was equally as good as Elizabeth the daughter-in-law who couldn't quite accept this dysfunctional family.



Bright spots were any time the children were on stage, with Wayne Dewey as young son, Alex Dunnachie as school pal Reigate and Laura Hayes and Lucy Rossiter adding zest to the proceedings.

Jan Stevenson taking several roles was especially good from the remainder of a good cast." (Ian Murray, Daily Echo)

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